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Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology Traditional know as Hindu Astrology, also known as Indian astrology. This is connected with the study of the Vedas.

Today we will discuss about Present method of Astrology & Advance Method. Also why Advance Method is required for getting Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction, Without any Confusing , Misleading & scary terms, which compel us to do remedies which are Expensive , time consuming & with no favorable result.

Present Method of Astrology.

How to Read Vedic Astrology Chart & To cast Horoscope we are using following Data to cast Horoscope.

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth.
  3. Place of Birth.

Till now we were Using Zodiac / Rashi, Planets, Nakshatra, Navamsa to cast Horoscope chart & with this we give Prediction. As mentioned above Prediction are not very Accurate Rather we can say they are Confusing, Misleading & Scary.

Correct birth chart in Vedic Astrology of this 21st century, I call this Horoscope a UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

Advance Vedic Astrology.

First question is why Advance Astrology is required. To cast your Vedic astrology Horoscopes.

We are in the 21st Century where 4 Kids are born every second & You will not find two kids or persons alike or we can say that every Human is unique.

With the present method the Horoscope which we cast can be a Horoscope of some more Kids/People. As we have seen that every person is unique We need to cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE for every person & this UNIQUE HOROSCOPE should not resemble with any other horoscope in this world.

YES now we are in a position to cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE which doesn’t resemble with any other Horoscope in this world.

To cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE we first do BTR (Birth Time Rectification Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec. & mili,sec.) After doing BTR we check it by giving some prediction. For confirmation that BTR done is correct.

Now to cast this we need some More Details than what we normally use to cast Horoscope.

Birth Details of the Native with Exact birth Location.

  1. Birth Details of the Blood Relations.
  2. Date & Time of Past Event of Life.
  3. Date & Approximate Time of Death If Happened of grand Parents, Parents, Siblings, Kids & Spouse.


Click here to know about the details required to cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

You can down load these details from this link for your Record.

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Details Required for BTR.

Shreejan Astro Center, here you will get Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction, With your correct Horoscope, which is UNIQUE HOROSCOPE after doing Birth Time Rectification, up to Hr. Min. Sec. & Mili,sec. Please let us know how we can help you.

About usNote: Please provide what Maximum is available in the below given details. After getting the Information I will check it. After confirmation from me you can deposit the fee. 

  1.   Native Birth Details (Must Mention Sex.)
  • Name:                                   
  • Date of Birth                         
  • Time of Birth                        
  • Place of Birth     (Exact Location of Birth Place)
  1.   Birth details: Date, Time & Place of birth  of the blood Relations. (What Maximum Available.)
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Elder Sibling
  • Younger Sibling
  • First Child – Must Mention BOY/GIRL
  • Second Child
  1. Date & Time of Past Event of Life (some are mentioned below)
  • Marriage Time when rituals were performed
  • Passing an Exam
  • Joining a Duty
  • Promotion in Job
  • Long Journey Abroad
  • Left Job
  • Removal from Service
  • Etc. Etc.
  1. Date & Time of Death of any of the following relatives if Happened?
  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Father 
  4. Mother
  5. Spouse
  6. Elder Sibling
  7. Younger Sibling

Question: Is Vedic astrology the most accurate?

Answer: Vedic Astrology Horoscope or Kundli which we cast with DOB, TOB & POB doesn’t give correct Astrological Prediction, Fault lies in the Horoscope /Kundli.  Now when 4 kids are born every Second in this world. A New, Improved & Advance Vedic Astrology of UNIQUE HOROSCOPE is in Place to give you Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction.