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Top Best Astrologer In India

How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby
Rashi, Constellation, Sub Lord, Sub Sub Lord.

Top Astrologer

Looking for a Top Astrologer, Nitin Kashyap is one of the top 10 best astrologer in India, I want that you should Look for a Top Astrologer who can give you correct and precise predictions without any confusing misleading and scary terms like Mangleek, Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Sade sati, Dahiya Etc.

Correct Example for Marriage Predictions By top astrologer is Very simple: 

  • That the Marriage event is promised or Not.
  • If Yes, when likely iit may Happen.
  • How will be the Married Life.
  • Then a specific question if Any.

Batch Horoscope Explained By Top Astrologer

Now with the birth detail we used to cast a Horoscope you will never get correct and precise predictions.

As this can be a horoscope of some more people born during the time and in that place. So I call it a batch horoscope. 

Today Four kids are born every second in this world and one kid in India.

Surprising you will not find two persons alive or say every person is unique and this world.

Now from the above we can conclude that we need a horoscope which does not resemble with any other horoscope in this world or say we need a Unique Horoscope. 

Yes, today in this 21st century we are in a position to cast a Unique Horoscope which does not resemble with any other horoscope in this world. 

To cast this Unique Horoscope we need some more details than what we are using till now to cast Horoscope (Batch Horoscope.)

Unique Horoscope By Top Astrologer

As Top astrologer have mentioned above we need some more details to cast your correct and true horoscope which is Unique Horoscope. 

Given below are the details required for Unique Horoscope and also a link from where you can download these details for your future record.

Top Astrologer In India, can give prediction on all the the Future events of life like:

Marriage, Married Life, Divorce, Health, Education, Profession, Career, Finance, Job, Ancestors property, Litigation. Jail Accident, etc.

Education Predistion & Guidance

  1. Illiterate
  2. Basic
  3. Higher
  4. Subject Selection for Higher Education As per mental Inclination.

Career Prediction & Guidance

Career Profession
  1. Employed
  2. Un-employed
  3. Service
  4. Business.
  5. which stream is best
  6. Financial Stability.

Marriage & Married Life

Happy Married Life
  1. Love or Arranged Marriage
  2. Un-Married
  3. Happy or Disturbed Married Life
  4. Divorce
  5. Second marriage

Disease & Health Prediction

Health Horoscope
  1. Healthy
  2. Unhealthy
  3. Serious Diseases
  4. The Cure is Promised or Not
  5. Operation Etc

Details Required for doing Birth Time Rectification.

UNIQUE HOROSCOPE By Top Astrologer your true & Correct Horoscope.

We at Shreejan Astro Center, Cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE, Now to cast it we first do BTR Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec. & Mili.Sc. This is the time when the Native took his/her First Breath in this Universe.

Predictions with this UNIQUE HOROSCOPE are very correct & Precise, without any confusing & Misleading terms, Which compel you to do Astrological Remedies.

If you are already engages with any other Method or Astrologer, Please Try this Method * you will not regret it.

Shreejan Astro Center, here you will get Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction, With your correct Horoscope, which is UNIQUE HOROSCOPE after doing Birth Time Rectification, up to Hr. Min. Sec. & Millisec. Please let us know how we can help you.

Note: Please provide what Maximum is available in the below given details. After getting the Information I will check it. After confirmation from me you can deposit the fee. 

  1.   Native Birth Details (Must Mention Sex.)
  • Name:                                   
  • Date of Birth                         
  • Time of Birth                        
  • Place of Birth     (Exact Location of Birth Place). 


  1.   Birth details: Date, Time & Place of birth  of the blood Relations. (What Maximum Available.)
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Elder Sibling
  • Younger Sibling
  • First Child – Must Mention BOY/GIRL
  • Second Child


  1. Date & Time of Past Event of Life (some are mentioned below)
  • Marriage Time when rituals were performed
  • Passing an Exam
  • Joining a Duty
  • Promotion in Job
  • Long Journey Abroad
  • Left Job
  • Removal from Service
  • Etc. Etc.


  1. Date & Time of Death of any of the following relatives if Happened?
  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Father 
  4. Mother
  5. Spouse
  6. Elder Sibling
  7. Younger Sibling