Rashifal by Date of Birth

Advance Prediction Method by,

Rashifal by Date of Birth.

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Getting astrological prediction by using a date of birth or we can say Rashifal by date of birth.

Rashifal by Date of Birth is similar to Astrology by Date of Birth.

In the 21st Century, A lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back.

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Also astrology by date of birth these are the common terminology used by us to get a prediction from the astrologer.

There are 12 rashies and only rashies cannot give you a correct and precise prediction as they are dividing the whole universe into 12 equal parts.

It means that there are only 12 type of people living in this universe.

But we know that every human being is unique and has no resemblance to any other person in this universe.

Now to get correct and precise prediction we need a unique horoscope for every individual so that we can give a correct and precise prediction to that native.

We are in 2the 1st century and New, LATEST, ADVANCE and UNIQUE method to give correct and precise prediction is in a place where we cast a unique horoscope for every individual.

But some people ask me that we have the only date of birth, approximate time of birth and city in which the native was born.

With this, we are, only in a position to cast horoscope which of all the persons born in that city during that time on that specific date.

To cast this unique we need some more details so cast unique horoscope of that individual.

Watch the video blue where I’ve explained the details required to cast unique horoscope and for that we first have to do birth time rectification.

Hope after watching the video you must have understood the importance of unique horoscope.

Details Required for Birth Time Rectification.

For your ready reference details required for birth time rectification and casting a unique horoscope are given below.

1. Date of Birth.

2. Time of Birth.

3. Place of birth:  Exact location where the native was born.

Birth detail  of some of blood relations of the native.  In the blood relation parents, elder or younger brother or sister,  kids are considered.

One past event of life with date and time of the event.

The event can be like marriage date,  date of getting a job, going abroad,  passing the exam, joining date of job etc.

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