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My Kundali And Future, Predictions For The Future,
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Predictions for the future or My kundali and future, you will get correct & precise Prediction when your Horoscope is Very Very correct or let me put it like that your Horoscope is your Horoscope & this horoscope doesn’t resemble with any other Horoscope as you don’t resemble with any other person in this world.

A lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back.

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Now the question is how to cast a Horoscope which is your only, why I am saying so as with the Birth details we use to cast a Horoscope is same for Twins But these twins don’t resemble with each other & say they are Unique.

Similarly, Two Kids born from two different mothers In the same Hospital On the same day & Exactly same time will have the same Horoscope but these kids will have the same horoscope whereas they don’t resemble with each other or say are different from each other or say they are Unique.

Now the question is How to cast Unique Horoscope for every person as every person is Unique.

We are in the 21st Century & today method to cast Unique Horoscope or My kundali and future for Predictions for the future are in place with more accuracy to give correct & Precise prediction without remedies as generally we have seen till now & we also have experienced that these remedies have no effect. in improving the situation.

Now I discuss how we cast this Unique Horoscope.

To cast this Unique Horoscope First we Rectify the Birth time which is in Hr. & Min. only & also it is approximate.

To do this Birth Time rectification we need some more details for the Native.

  1. Native Birth Details
  • Bate of Birth
  • Time of Birth.
  • Place of Birth (Exact Location of Birth, Wher the kid was Born.)

2. Birth Details of Blood Relation of the Native.

  • Parents.
  • Elder or Younger Brother or Sisters.
  • Children’s

3. Date & Time of One past Event of life.

  • Marriage.
  • Passing an Exam
  • joining Duty Etc.

Predictions for the future, With the above details, we are capable to do Birth time RectificationExactly Hr. Min. Sec. this is the time when the kid took his/her first breath in this Universe.

Now comes the accuracy, The Horoscope is divided into 2193 Parts Instead of 9/12/27/249 which we are using till now.

We are taking 9/12/27/249/2193 Parts.

With this Unique Horoscope, Predictions for the future the results in Prediction are amazing, Very accurate & very Precise.

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