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Present & Old method of casting Personal Horoscope


For correct & Precise Astrological Prediction you need your Personal Horoscope The Unique Horoscope.

We are in the 21st century where 4 kids are born every second & with the Birth details we normally use

  1. Date 0f Birth.
  2. Time if birth. (Approximate)
  3. Place of Birth. (City)

to cast Horoscope is not the right chart of the native, that’s why it  is not giving correct Predictions.

Your Horoscope Unique Horoscope
Your True Horoscope the Latest & Advance Vedic Astrology


 Why Unique Horoscope is Must for correct & Precise Astrological Prediction.

To Explain it, let us take a case That two Kids born on

  1. Same day
  2. Same time
  3. Same Place

These Two will have same horoscope but the kids are different from each other, will not have same look Same Life, Same luck, Sane Nature.

Now with this Horoscope chart How will be the prediction you can very well Imagine the Quality & Preciseness of the Prediction.

Now for correct & Precise Astrological Prediction we need Unique Horoscope for both the kids. This Unique Horoscope will not match with any other Horoscope in this world.

My Horoscope: Yes now in The 21st century we can cast Unique Horoscope for every person & this Horoscope will not resemble with any other horoscope in this world as Native also don’t resemble with any other person in this world.

Details Required for My Horoscope.

Now to cast this Unique Horoscope some More details are required which are given below.

Birth Details of the Native.

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of birth.
  3. Exact Location of Birth of the native.

Birth details of Blood Relation of the Native. ( Details What Maximum are available.)

  1. Father.
  2. Mother.
  3. Elder Brother/Sister.
  4. Younger Brother/Sister.
  5. First Kid Sex Male or Female.
  6. Second Kid

Past event of Life.

Date & Approximate Time of minimum one Past event of life some are given below.

  1. Marriage.
  2. Parents Marriage.
  3. First Job: Joining Duty Date & Time.
  4. Promotion.
  5. Passing an Exam.
  6. Journey Going Abroad.
  7. Etc.

Date & Time of Death of the Relatives if it has Happened.

  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Father
  4. Mother
  5. Spouse
  6. Elder Sibling
  7. Younger Sibling

Now with these details we do Birth time rectification Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec. & Mili. Second.

After doing Birth Time Rectification we check with the native for correctness of the Birth Time.

Then we cast Unique Horoscope.

2193 Division of chart: Why Prediction are correct because the Horoscope is divided in to 12/12/9/27/2193 Parts as Against 12/12/9/27/ only.

Prediction with your True Horoscope are very Correct & Precise without any Confusing Words or Statements as normally given with the earlier Method of casting Horoscope.


Prediction with this UNIQUE HOROSCOPE are very correct & Precise Without any Confusing, Misleading & Scary terms which compel you to take up Astrological remedies Only will guide you if some thing Manageable is asked for.

True Horoscope is Unique Horoscope is the Correct Horoscope for correct & Precise Prediction.


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Question: What is a personal horoscope?

Answer: Correct & true Personal Horoscope is Unique Horoscope, This Unique Horoscope doesn’t resemble any other Horoscope in this world. Now to cast this some more details are required than what normally we use to cast Horoscope.