Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

Given below are the significations which are considered for
1. Marriage
2. Married life

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth.

  1. Love & affection between Husband & Wife.
  2. Legal Bonding for Marriage.
  3. Satisfaction in Marriage & Married life.

These are the main three signification which effect the marriage, On the bases of these three & there

negative Aspects we predict Marriage & married life.

With these we predict the following Very Correctly.

  • Marriage is Promised or Not.
  • Love or Arranged Marriage.
  • Disputes between Husband & wife.
  • Extra Marital Relations.
  • Divorce promised or not.
  • Kundli Milan, 
  • Best Kundli Matching,
  • Etc.

These are few mentioned above We can also dig into what is the cause of these things.

Now we discuss how to get Correct & Precise Prediction.
1. Marriage &
2. Married Life.
3. Horoscope Matching Before Marriage or
4. Kundli Milan. Etc.

Without any confusing Statements, Typical words, Remedies etc.

The Best way in the 21st Century is with Unique Horoscope.
After Birth Time Rectification Exactly to
Hr. Min. Sec. Ms.

Now WHY Unique Horoscope it is Must

*. Four Kids are Born every Second in this World.
*. Have you seen Two Persons alike? ... No... Never....
*. Every Person is Unique in itself.
*. So Unique Horoscope is must for Correct Prediction .

Get Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth, Marriage Kundli, Marriage Astrology, Kundli Milan, Best Kundli Matching,

Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth,  & Married Life Prediction, Correct Prediction & also .

Unique Horoscope is New, Eye-opening, Latest & Advance Method of Astrological Prediction.

Given below is a Video watch it & you will understand why Unique Horoscope is must for Correct Prediction.

Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth or we can say Marriage Kundli, Also should be Unique.

Without any confusing statements & Irritating Words.

Hope you have understood why Unique Horoscope is must.

What we need to do or it will discuss it later part of the page.

As this page is for Marriage & Married life Prediction we will see what signification effect the Marriage & married life.

Now we will discuss how to cast Unique Horoscope.

Possible you all will have this Question we have only the birth Details as our Astrologers are using till now.

Yes I am aware of it, I am asking you some more details which you all must be having Simply dig into it.

Given below are details required to Cast Unique Horoscope. For Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth.

Native Details:

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth.
  3. Place of Birth. ( Exact Location of Place of Birth.)

Birth Details of Some of Native Blood Relations.

  • Father.
  • Mother.
  • Elder Brother/Sister,
  • Younger Brother/Sister.
  • First Kid. (Boy or girl.)
  • Second Child.


  • All the above mentioned details are not required.
  • Just provide what Maximum is Possible,
  •  In case of any problem please contact me.

Please fill up the Sign up form below & we will send you Doc. file.

What Details are required for casting Unique Horoscope this is for your record.

Given below are some steps, How we cast Unique Horoscope with above mentioned Details.

First Birth time is Rectified Exactly to: Hr. Min. Sec.

Then we cast Unique Horoscope where Chart is Divided into 9/12/27/249/2193 parts for Correct & Exact Prediction.

Where as till now al methods Chart is into 9/12/27/249 Parts.

With this division Prediction are very Accurate.

You get Prediction with out any Confusing Statements & Irrelevant Words, Like used by our friends.

Irrelevant Words Like Mangleek, Sade-sati, Kall-sarap you, & Other yoga,

Hope this must have given you Clear concept Of this method of Prediction.

In case of any query Please do ask me, My contact details are:

WhatsApp & calling  Number; +91 9870340754.

Email ID; nitinshreejan

You can also connect me on Message box below.

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Marriage Horoscope by Date of Birth, Marriage Kundli, Also should be Unique.
Best Astrologer Online.

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