Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility.

Marriage Compatibility

 Marriage Compatibility.


In India, it has become a Tradition to Check Marriage Compatibility of the Boy & the Girl whose Marriage is in Question.

The Method of Checking this Compatibility is GUN Milan in this method Nakshatra of Boy & Girl is taken into consideration.

It has been observed that the results obtained by this method are not encouraging & are generally wrong or misleading.

We are in the 21st Century where Four Kids take place every second & the Method of Checking Compatibility,

311 Boys Horoscope is matched with 311 Girls In GUN Milan Method.

You your self can imagine what will be the fate of Prediction.

This Compatibility is checked at Nakshatra level & Nakshatra are 27, Horoscope Chart is divided into 27 Parts.

In Advance Vedic Astrology Prediction System, it is checked at Sub-sub Level of Nakshatra which is 2193 Instead of 27 in GUN MILAN.

Unique Horoscope & 2193 Parts of Horoscope will always give you a correct & precise prediction.

What & How Prediction is done.

Prediction is Done at Two Level.

  1. Can the two marry?
  2. Should the two marry?

In “Can the two Marry” Physical & Mental Compatibility is checked.

In “Should the two Marry” Education, Family & Social Status, Health like things is checked.

This way we can say the prediction is very Correct & Precise.





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