Marriage Compatibility Check

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility Check.

Kundli Milan, Gun Milan, Marriage compatibility check, are general terminology which is used by astrologers to check Marriage compatibility.

Between the two partners those who are planning to get married and spend the rest of the life together after marriage.

So that their Married Life is Comfortable & without any Disputes.

Gun Milan method which is generally used by our astrologer to check marriage compatibility.

In the past, we have seen that prediction which are done by Gun Milan or not accurate at all, as in this method as per our calculation around 300 girls horoscope are matched with 300 boys horoscope as it is done at the Nakshatra level.

We have also observed that that compatibility report of those couples in whose Gun Milan where Gun Milan report is very good & both the parties are they are standing in the court for a divorce.

In some other cases their reports are bad they are spending happily married life.

The reason I have already explained above where 300 and some odd horoscopes of girls are matched with three hundred and Odd horoscope of boys.

In the 21st century.

Where astrology has us advanced and the predictions are done on the basis of the unique horoscope.

Which is done after birth time rectification in which the

  • The exact location of birth
  • Astro genetic correct connection with blood relation and
  • One past event of life is taken into consideration for Casting unique horoscope.

With unique horoscope boy and girl, is done to check at mental and physical level plus their social status.

Results are very good

Yes, it is time-consuming as unique horoscopes of both the partners need to be casted and after that compatibility is checked.

In my opinion, it is worth spending time on it.