Life prediction by date of birth

The 21st Century Improved Vedic Astrology,

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Today Four Kids are born every second & you will not see two kids/Persons alike. So we can say that every person is Unique & has no Resemblance  at all in this world. So for correct & Precise prediction we need Unique Horoscope for each & every person. This I have tried to explain in the video below. Just watch the video Hope you will understand my point of view & in case you still have any clarification please do message me I will reply to your query ASAP or you can call or WhatsApp me. I request you to please share this with your Family & friends so that they also know about this new concept. Thanks.

Present Traditional Method of Prediction

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of birth. (Hr. Min.)
  3. Place of Birth. (City.)

This new Improved Method BTR is done.

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth Rectified to  (Hr. Min. Sec. Ms.)
  3. Place of Birth. (Exact Location of Birth.)


Life prediction by date of birth is the concept for giving Prediction

By us is With Unique Horoscope.

In Education Prediction.

  1. Illiterate
  2. Basic
  3. Higher
  4. Subject Selection for Higher Education As per mental Inclination.

In Career Prediction

  1. Employed
  2. Un-employed
  3. Service
  4. Business.
  5. which stream is best
  6. Financial Stability.

In Marriage Prediction

  1. Love or Arranged Marriage
  2. Un-Married
  3. Happy or Disturbed Married Life
  4. Divorce
  5. Second marriage

In Health Prediction

  1. Healthy
  2. Un-Healthy
  3. Serious Diseases
  4. The Cure is Promised or Not
  5. Operation Etc.


 Present Traditional Method of Casting Horoscope & Prediction.


Now you must be Knowing that 4 Kids are born every Second & also we know that every person is Unique &

he/she doesn’t resemble with any other person in this Universe.

But do you know that these Birth details can cast A horoscope which can resemble with the person who doesn’t

resemble with you at all or we can say differs from you totally?

The Predictions are with a lot of remedies which don’t work at all & rather than giving any guidance give confusing statements.

Even Twins or Two kids born from two different mothers on the same day, Same Time & Same

Place who have the same Horoscope, But they are different from each other & they don’t resemble with each other.

Now with the same Horoscope, you can very well Imagine the correctness in li Prediction. I feel this possible is the

reason why our Astrologers give remedies to counter this error.


New Latest & Advance Method of Casting Unique Horoscope for Prediction.

We are running in the 21st Century where Astrology has Advanced a Lot.

Which is Eye-Opening & Revolutionary Break Through in Vedic Astrology?

Unique Horoscope is the solution to this Error in Horoscope.

Now Question comes how to cast Unique Horoscope or How we cast this Unique Horoscope.

To cast this Unique Horoscope we need some more details from the Native whose Horoscope is in Question

For Life prediction by date of birth.

Following are the details required from the Native to cast his/her Unique Horoscope.


  1. Native Birth details.


  • Date of Birth.
  • Time of Birth.
  • Place of Birth. (Exact location of Place of birth.)

2. Birth details of Blood Relations of the Native.


  • Date of Birth.
  • Time of Birth.
  • Place of Birth.

3. Date & Time of One past event of the life of the native.

Life prediction by date of birth With these above-mentioned details, we first Rectify the

Birth time of the native exactly to Hr. Min. Sec.

After BTR (Birth Time Rectification) we cast the Unique Horoscope where for accuracy,

we divide the Horoscope into 9/12/27/240/2193 Parts wherein present system we divide the Horoscope into

9/12/27/249 Maximum.

This further division into 2193 parts the prediction results are very very Accurate.

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