Kundali Reading for Marriage

Marriage Predictions.

How the Predicion is done By this Method&What will be the Married Life of the Native

  1. Marriage is Promised.
  2. Marriage is not Promised.
  3. Love Marriage.
  4. Arranged Marriage.

Happy Married Life

  1. Love & Affection between the Two.
  2. Legal Implication.
  3. Satisfaction in Marriage
  4. Physical Compatibility
  5. Mental Compatibility.


  1. Free Time
  2. Money
  3. Housework
  4. Physical Intimacy
  5. Extended Family.
  6. Extra-marital affairs are responsible


  1. Extra-marital affairs
  2. Money.
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Constant Arguing.
  5. Weight gain. …
  6. Unrealistic expectations. …
  7. Lack of intimacy. …
  8. Lack of equality.

Re-Second Marriage

  1. Second Marriage is Promised.
  2. Second Marriage is Not Promised
  3. Married Life Second Marriage.
  4. Second Marriage with the same partner is Possible or not

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First, we need to Cast our Correct Horoscope. I call it Unique Horoscope.

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Kundli Reading with Latest & Advance
New Method.
Unique Horoscope. .

We need some more details Click on Unique Horoscope & Know about it.

Perfect Marriage will be with a good relationship between the Two partners, Explained below.

  • Love Between the Partners.
  • Acceptance by society. or say Legal marriage.
  • The Physical & Mental satisfaction of the Partners.

The love between the partners is Represented by 5th House.

Acceptance by society. Legal marriage. is Represented by 7th. House.

The satisfaction of the Partners. is Represented by 11th House.

Now Kundli reading for marriage & Reason for Divorce can be predicted very accurately.

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In this Astrology first Marriage is promised or not is checked at two levels.

  • Asc. 1st Cusp Level’
  • 7th Cusp Level.

If Marriage is promised is confirmed only then we will go ahead with other prediction. Presence of all the cusps will tell that the marriage is Good & on time. If some negations or some hurdles are there then accordingly it will affect the prediction Kundli reading for marriage.

Now comes Kundli reading for marriage or Kundali reading for marriage & reasons for divorce From Best astrology in the world how to check the divorce with this method Marriage is a Legal identity so to predict Marriage 7th Cusp presence is a must. At Star & Sub Lord level.

But at Sub-sub lord Level, the indication will be Negation of 7th cusp with 6th Cusp & 12th cusp which indicates that there are chances of Divorce are prominent & for confirmation, this should be visible in the Co-partner also. as per Kundli reading for marriage. By NitinKashyap.

For Unique Horoscope some more details are required, More than generally used by us Till now. Apart from Birth Details of the Native Place of Birth Should be Exact Place where the kid was born. Secondly Birth Details of the Maximum number of Blood Relations of the Native. Thirdly One past Event of the Native with Date & Time of the Event, In case of newborn or where the past event is not possible Past event of Parents Like Date & Time of Marriage When the rituals were performed.

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