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Marriage Compatibility

Best Kundli Matching Astrologer in Delhi Nitin Kashyap.

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Horoscope Matching for Marriage by Advance Kundali Matching by Date of Birth is a very advanced and latest method by Nitin Kashyap.

In the 21st Century, A lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back the faith.

This method of prediction is much better than gun Milan method used by our astrologers.

Because In gun Milan method 311 girls horoscope is matched with 311 boys.

And this is done at the Nakshatra level and Nakshatra period is around 30-59 Minutes app. say an Hour.

Therefore Now to understand it we all know that Four kids are born every second in this universe and in India one kid is born every second.

Furthermore, now you can very well imagine how many kids must have taken place during that one hour.

Therefore the Best Kundli Matching Astrologer in Delhi where Unique Horoscope of both is cast before matching Horoscope

Certainly, as a result, Our production method is much better than another I will say much much better than Gun Milan because here unique Kundli of the boy & Girl are considered.

Hence we cast the unique horoscope of the boy which is matched with unique horoscope of the girl.

Finally this Unique horoscope means Unique horoscope of that particular person only and this horoscope does not resemble With any other horoscope in this world.

Compatibility Checking Method.

Here we are checking the Marriage compatibility at two levels first one is can the to marry and second should get to marry.

Can the two marriage mean their physical and mental compare compatibility?

Should the to marry means their social, financial, family background etc. things like that because in Indian society the match is not only for the girl and boy but it is for also for the family.

Here we first do that Birth Time Rectification and after that, we cast the unique horoscope of both boy and girl and then try to match it at sub_sub level.

Now to cast this Unique Horoscope we need some more detail from the native for that click on the link below and get the details.

Details require for Casting UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

Click Here Details Required for Casting Unique Horoscope.

Hope things are clear to you now and in case you have any questions or query please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Marriage Compatibility.

Career Horoscope by Date of Birth.

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