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जन्म कुंडली बाय डेट ऑफ बर्थ



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Hello Dear,

When we cast horoscope with Date of birth, Time of birth (Approximate) and Place of birth as City.

This can be a horoscope of many more people those who are Bond during that time.

You know that 4 Kids are born every second in this world & one kid in INDIA.

We all know that every person is UNIQUE.  That is the reason while giving prediction with Date of birth, Time of birth (Approximate) and Place of birth as City.

With This horoscope the predictions are accompanied with some confusing misleading and scary terms like Pitra dosh, Sadh sati, Dahiya, Mangleek extra.

With these type of predictions we are compelled to take some preventive measures, we can say some remedies or say astrological remedies which are expensive, Time consuming and have no significant result, except some mental consolation.

We are in 21st century, as I have mention above that 4 kids are born every second in this world and every kid or every person is unique or we can see he or she does not resemble with any other person in this word.

Now to give correct and precise prediction a method is available where we will cast Unique Horoscope of the native and This Horoscope will not resemble with any other horoscope in this word as the native is Unique. and the horoscope which we will cast will also Unique. Prediction with this Horoscope are very accurate and are with any confusing Misleading & Scary Terms.

For example let us take predictions for marriage: Marriage Prediction Will be that marriage is promised or not. If promised when likely it is going to happen and how will be the married life.

Similarly predictions for other events are given in the same way.

Janam Kundi by Date of Birth Only.


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Now to cast Unique Horoscope we need some more detail than normally we use to cast horoscope which I have already mentioned above.

Given below are the details required to cast Unique Horoscope with these details we first do Birth Time Rectification exactly to Hour, Minute, Second and milliseconds.

After doing this Birth Time Rectification we check by giving some predictions and only after confirmation, we proceed head to cast unique horoscope.

Now to cast horoscope we use following details.

  1. Date of Birth,
  2. Time of Birth (Hr. Min. Approximate).
  3. Place of Birth (City.).

But do you know that today population of the world is increasing at the rate of 4 Kids per Second & also we know that one person doesn’t resemble with any other person?

I will try to explain it with an Example:

Two Kids born from Two Different Mothers on the same day, Same time, Same Place.

Now horoscope of these kids will be same But are these kids Identical.

No they are not identical they are different from each other.

Now Imagine the quality & Preciseness of the prediction.

Now with this in mind, will we get correct Prediction With the birth details as mentioned above?

The answer is Big No.

As with these Above Mentioned Birth Details, the Horoscope/janmpatri which we cast will be the Horoscope of all the persons Born During that time in the same city. Whereas these persons are Unique & they need Unique Horoscope for every person.

We are running in the 21st Century, a new Latest & Advance method of Astrological prediction is in place to give you correct & Precise prediction.

This is an Eye-opening and Revolutionary Breakthrough in Vedic Astrology.

I call it Unique Horoscope Astrology & this Unique Horoscope doesn’t resemble with any other Horoscope in this world & is very Accurate in giving astrological prediction without Suggesting any Remedies or Uppayas as suggested by our Astrologer’s which don’t have any effect.

Now I am going to explain to you what we need to cast this Unique Horoscope & what is done for correct & Precise Prediction.

For correct Prediction by Janam kundali by date of birth only.

First, we do Birth Time Rectification which is calculated Exactly to hr. Min. Sec. For this, we need Following details from the Native. For Unique Horoscope.

A. Native’s Birth Details.

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth.
  3. Place of Birth. (Exact Location of Place of Birth.)

B. Birth Details of Blood Relations of the Native.

Following, Blood Relations are taken into consideration.

  1. Parents.
  2. Elder Brother or Sister.
  3. Younger Brother or Sister.
  4. Kids ( Male or Female.)

C. Date & time of one past event of life.

For Accurate Prediction:

Now for accuracy, we divide the Horoscope into 9/12/27/249/2193 parts whereas Normally it is Divided into 9/12/27/249 Parts. & to know more what is Unique Horoscope you just click on Unique Horoscope.

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My Unique Horoscope

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