Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth

Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth or say Kundli Milan.

>> This is Eye opening Astrology.

>> A Revevolutionary BreakThrough In Vedic Astrology.

>> New & Advanced Method of checking Compatibility or Kundli Milan.

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Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth, Kundli Milan,
Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth

Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth, or Kundli Milan is done by this Method very very Accurately, Very Accurate & Very Precise As the Horoscope of the couple is very very Accurate or say it is a Unique Horoscope

In the 21st Century, A lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back the faith.

The horoscope will be matched so that Couple lead a Happy Married life, It is done by first Casting Unique Horoscope of Both the partners.

Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth, Kundli Milan, in other words, checking the marriage compatibility.

Kundli Milan is done before marriage In India but I don’t know about the world or in other countries.

But in India, we are getting it done by method call as gun Milan.

In India, Gun Milan is done at Nakshatra level, Whereas on today the childbirth rate is one child per second & we also know that every person is Unique & he/she doesn’t resemble with any other person.

So during Nakshatra transits 86400 Kids birth is possible.

Gun Milan is done on following Ashat koots.

( 1. वर्ण, 2. वश्य, 3. तारा, 4. योनि, 5. ग्रहमैत्री, 6. गणमैत्री, 7. भकुट तथा 8. नाडी – ये आठ कूट हैं.)

Predictions in gun Milan are based on 8 Ashat koots as mentioned above.

By this Gun Milan method 311.04 Grooms are 311.04 Brides.

Then What & Where is this match ??

Now you can very well imagine the preciseness or the quality is match, and after marriage, there can be Physical & marital discrepancies between the two, ideological differences.

In my opinion, the nature of matching the horoscope of the bride and the groom.

Indian Marriage Compatibility by Date of Birth.

In my opinion, the Matching should be done for Physical, Mental & Social level.

The Horoscope Matching is done at two-level.

Compatibility is checked after casting the Unique Horoscope of both the partners this is done for accuracy purpose.

We check the compatibility on the following things.

  1. Physical and mental compatibility.
  2. Social and financial status compatibility.
  3. The attitude of life partner particular to the sexual relationship.
  4. Domestic environment quality and quantity of interference by close relatives.
  5. Good or bad experience of the married life of close relatives and friends.
  6. The purpose for which boards persons going for marriage.

Prediction on Horoscope Matching is done where we spell it.

  1. Can the two marry?
  2. Should the two marry?

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