Rashi or Zodiac Sign.

How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby.

We are in the 21st century where 4 Kids are born every second in this world, & One Kid in India.

Surprisingly you will not see Two Persons alike, or say that every person is Unique.

Now to get Correct & Precise Prediction you need Unique Horoscope. Now to cast it some more details are required.

Till now we have seen Three methods Link for the same is given below.

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1. Click on Western Method. To know about Westerns Method.

2. Click on Indian Method or Vedic Astrology To know about Indian Method or Vedic Astrology.

3. Click on Unique Horoscope To know About Unique Horoscope For correct & Precise Prediction. The Latest & Advance Vedic Astrology.

1. Westerns Method. 2. Indian or Vedic Method. 3. Unique Horoscope.

  1. How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby

  2. Western Method The Oldest Method of How to Know Rashi of a new born.

This is the method which I don’t suggest As all the kids born during that time which is approximately one month. Rashi of all the kids is same & As per my Prediction it is not correct. Any how I am giving detail below.



Time of birth:: March 21 -April 19.


General Significations: Aries is full of vitality; its pioneering and independent attitude in its thinking and comes up with new ideas. There is a burning desire to dominate. Aries is self-opinionated dark and go-ahead nature. There is ambition, assertion, audacity and impulse. Aries chief faults are over-eagerness, self-will, egoism a hasty temper, and lack of discretion.

Physical Characteristics: Long neck, bony or angular face, middle stature, lean and muscular body. Complexion ruddy, crisp and wiry hair, broad temples, narrow chin, prodding teeth and round eyes




Time of birth:  April 20 – May 20

General Significations: It is passive, comfort-loving, content, looks to the past, accepts things as they are. Taurus produces tremendous sexuality, materiality and love for the enjoyment of pleasures of life. It is sensuous, amorous, passionate, obstinate, proud, determined. It is stubbornly self-willed, unyielding. The mind tends to be shallow and stupid.

Physical Characteristics: Full forehead, full lips and nostrils, dark eyes, body plumpy, solidly built and stocky, broad shoulders, heavy thighs.




Time of birth:  May 21 – June 21

General Significations: It stands for Mind and the creative process of manifestation. It symbolizes intellectual perception; it is artistic, learned, curious, eloquent in speech or writing, Gemini’s approach and expression are basically materialistic. Conflict and instability are important characteristics of Gemini. It may give rise to depression, suicidal tendencies, excitement and a great thirst for indulgence, argumentation for the sake of arguments. Negative attributes of Gemini’s are creating disorder every where and a scatter-brain. The positive Gemini is quick in perception and quick in action.

Physical Characteristics: Tall, slender, elegant, wide fore head, long face, fine expressive eyes, straight nose.




Time of birth:  June 22 – July 22

General Significations: It provides sustenance, protection, prudence. It is sympathetic, imaginative and romantic, inclined to public life, roving disposition, changeful.  It is conservative, generous to the point of sacrifice.  On the negative side it is domineering, possessive and demanding, as well as weak.  Cancer is a creature of moods.  Hypersensitivity is of course the secret, and it finds emotional strain hard to bear.

Physical Characteristics:  Wide chest, rounded body, broad forehead, grey eyes, full face, fleshy body, double chin, mature ears.  Hands and feet are small.




Time of birth:  July 23 – August 22

General Significations: Leo is Self-centered, aspiring, ambitious, arrogant, fierce in action, calculating in sexual encounters, choosy in social relationship.  It represents frankness, magnanimity, self-sufficiency, creativity, susceptibility to praise and flattery.  Its supreme quality is its suddenness, aggression and frontal attack.  Leo is ostentation and showmanship.

Physical Characteristics: Strong, broad shoulders, upright wall wavy hair, cheerful expression, majestic appearance, fearless eyes.




Time of birth:  August 23 – September 22

General Significations: It strives for perfection, arouses conscience and suffering for noble cause; produces intense activity in the realm of intellect and psychic consciousness, but no merriment.  It is a sign of great sensitivity, precision, resentfulness, self-pity, versatility.  Virgo is industrious, a real business person with logical outlook and with few pretentions.

Physical Characteristics: Straight nose, active walk, quiet voice, tall with a slender body, curved eyebrows with much hair growth, young appearance, honest and frank eye expression.




Time of birth:  September 23 – October 23

General Significations: It operates on the principle of Reciprocity or Mutuality.  It is enigmatic, artistic, critic, restless, independent, changeable and sentimental.  It never remains stationary; there is a thirst for greater and greater achievement.  It bestows material riches but does not allow the person to enjoy them.  There is quietitude at the surface, but inwardly there is dissatisfaction.  It is a sign, which operates primarily in the region of materiality.

Physical Characteristics: Tall, elegant figure, well proportional body, slender but strong limbs, fair skin, attractive countenance, eye brows add to the beauty, gets bald in adult age, nose bent a little like a parrot.




Time of birth:  October 24 – November 22

General Significations: It represents perceptiveness, shrewdness, penetration, perseverance, loyalty and creative desires.  Secrecy rules supreme in all aspects of life.  It brings much conflict, destruction and chaos, turmoil, upsets and unexpected developments arise.  It has profound belief in self-training and self-discipline.  It signifies energies which, if properly managed, could lead to a tremendous unfoldment of psychic powers.  Its delusion is that of despotism, and from this arises the fault of rebelliousness.

Physical Characteristics: Dark or dusky complexion, well-proportioned body, hands are generally long, stature above average, broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair. Good personality.




Time of birth:  November 23 – December 21

General Significations: It is called the sign of Cosmic Progress or Cosmic Abundance. It represents enthusiasm, intiativeness, enterprise, adaptiveness, versatility. It has an independent spirit, an unquenchable desire for freedom, and a profound love for knowledge and learning. It is outspoken, extrovert, looks to the future but with a balanced approach. Being positive and fiery it can be remarkably impulsive and being mutable it can be deceptive too. The delusion is, therefore restlessness, or the love of novelty for its own sake; inconsistency, over-optimism, wastefulness and prodigality.

Physical Characteristics: Tall., well composed body high and bushy eye brows, rather long face, bright eyes, charming appearance, fair complexion, and hand some figure.




Time of birth:  December 22 – January 19

General Significations: The realm of operation of this sign is mundane existence.  It operates under the Cosmic Order and Justice, embodied in the truth that “As ye sow so shall ye reap”.  Destruction, disillusionment of traditional values and a new alignment of forces all occur under this sign. When Capricorn begins to operate, past karmas are activated.  Being negative and Earthy, it is methodic, cautious and practical; being Rajasic also looks to the future for new alignments.  It is jealous, self-pitying and melancholic.

Physical Characteristics: Long nose, firm lips, strong but narrow chin.  Prominent features, dark thin hair, eyes deep set, tall and slender body.




Time of birth:  January 20 – February 18

General Significations: : It helps and guide others towards their fulfillment.  It is inventive, ingenious, persistent, stubborn, reliable, loyal, sincere and aesthetic.  Esoteric study of this sign indicates that whenever Aquarian appears, there is reaction, opposition and difficulties arise.  Turmoil in one’s life is immensely increased as the individual begins to work in accordance with the divine plan and annihilate his personal ego.  In this Saturn is ruthless in achieving this task.  It completely destroys the traditional values.  Probably this might be one of the reasons why some Astrologers, by using the correspondence principle, consider 11th house as not good.

Physical Characteristics: Tall, full figure, fine clear complexion, defects in teeth, oval face, brown hair.




Time of birth:  February 19 – March 20

General Significations: It being the last sign of the Zodiac symbolizes the cessation of all worldly efforts, the final merging of the individual into the universe.  There is no conflict, no contradiction, no more lust for life.  Being negative, watery and mutable it represents the principle of sociability, sentimentality, sympathy, perception, intuition, imagination and adaptability.

Physical Characteristics: Short stature, plumpy, muscular and spherical shoulders, big and protruding eyes.

  1. How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby

  2. Indian Method or Vedic Astrology.

In this method Rashi changes every two Hours. It means that during the day we get all 12 Rashi. This method is better than the earlier western method. Now to calculate which Rashi your kid was born you need Software. I request please send me the details to calculate your Rashi. This will be done free no Charges. Simply send me the Date of Birth, time of Birth & Place of Birth to me on my Contact number or Email me.

How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby
Rashi, Constellation, Sub Lord, Sub Sub Lord.

Note with this Method you should not get Prediction as For correct & Precise Prediction you nee Unique Horoscope. Go my Webpage Unique Horoscope & Understand it.

Rashi General Significations, Physical Characteristics are the same which are given below.


  1. Latest & advance Method of finding Rashi of a New Born. Is Unique Horoscope.

Given below are the videos link to click on it & Watch the videos to Understand this Advance Method.


I will explain to you in details. Let us try to understand all about this Advance Vedic Astrology.

Now Horoscope of Twins or Two kids Born from two Different Mothers on the Same Day, Same time & Same place will have the same Horoscope But these kids don’t Resemble with each other & are different from each other.

Now you can very well imagine the quality & Preciseness of Prediction, that is the reason Astrologers give us Upayas or say Remedies & also some confusing terms.

How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby. Now in the 21st Century, we have the ability to cast Unique Horoscope for every person & this Horoscope will not resemble with any other Horoscope in this World.

Now to cast Unique Horoscope we need some more details than what we use to cast Horoscope or say Janam Kundli.

What more details are required to cast Unique Horoscope are given below.

  1. Native Birth details.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Time of Birth.
  • Place of Birth. (we need the Exact location of Place of Birth.)
  1. Birth Details of Some of the Native Blood Relations.

These Blood Relations can be

  1. Parents.
  2. Elder or Younger Brother or Sisters.
  3. Children (Boy or a Girl).
  1. Date & Time of One Past event of life. In the case of New Born BabyPast event of the Parents Marriage taken into consideration.

With these Details first, we do correct of Birth Time Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec & How to know Rashi of a Newborn Baby will be very correct.

Now with this rectified Birth Time, we Cast Unique Horoscope in which for more Accuracy Nakshatras are divided into 2193 parts instead of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology