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Today we are going to discuss about “Horoscopes by Date of Birth”.

Till now To cast Horoscope by Date of Birth, Normally Following Details are used.

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Time of Birth. (Approximate)
  3. Place of Birth. (City)

Do you know population growth in this world is at the rate of 4 kids per second and surprisingly you will not find two persons alike.

Now only the date and approximate time the horoscope which we cast cannot be your horoscope only & Can not give you correct Astrological prediction & That is the reason the predictions are accompanied with Scary, Misleading & Confusing terms alike Manglik, Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Sade Sati, Etc. Which compels us to take up some Astrological remedies, which have no effect on the event & This is because, this horoscope is a Horoscope of some more people born during that time.


I just want to tell you that today we are in a position to cast a Horoscope which is the Horoscope of the Native only and it does not resemble, with any other horoscope in this world. I call this Horoscope a Unique Horoscope.

Now to cast this Unique horoscope we need some more details with these details. With these details we first do birth time rectification Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec & Mili,sec. This is the time you took your First breath in this world.


Dear, Now I will try to explain to you why a Unique Horoscope is a must.

Let us take a case of twins born on the Same day, Same time & Same place. Now these kids will have the same horoscope, but the kids are different from each other. Now you can very well imagine the quality and preciseness of the prediction.

Now after doing Birth Time Rectification we check the rectified time by giving some predictions and after confirmation, We cast that Unique Horoscope then we start giving predictions.

These Predictions are Very Accurate & without any Confusing Misleading & scary Terms.


For Astrological prediction normally we use terms like future horoscope by date of birth or Indian astrology by date of birth. 

Please Never ask for Free: Horoscope by date of birth free or Accurate life prediction by date of birth free, Also free Vedic astrology or free career horoscope by date of birth and time. As this Latest & Advance Method of casting Horoscope is Time Consuming.

Now with the Birth details Mentioned above Horoscope of

  1. Twins or
  2. fraternal twins or
  3. superfecundation twins or
  4. No two Humans are alike in this Universe. or
  5. Every Human is Unique & Has no resemblance in this World.

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What Details are Required, For BTR & UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

Now you must be interested in knowing what details are required to casted UNIQUE HOROSCOPE given below is a link you can click on it and read it and also you can download the details for your record.

Predictions with this UNIQUE HOROSCOPE are very Accurate & very practical.

Let me give you example:

  • Let us take a case of Marriage, Predictions will be given as:
  • Marriages is promised or not.
  • If marriage is promised then when likely it is going to happen.
  • How will be the married life.
  • In case some problem is visible in the married life we don’t recommend any remedies, rather we will guide you what to do and what not to do.
  • I hope it is clear to you now all the prediction on all the events will be like that only.
  • In case you still have any query please do call or Text me on WhatsApp No: +91 9870340754.