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Medical Astrology, Medical Astrologer, Health Astrology, Health Horoscope & Human Body Elements.


Medical Astrology Ever Since Astrology was invented we Medical Astrology, Health Astrology was always the interest of our Astrologer, in knowing the Impact of Planets on our Body which causes Disease or Gives health Problems.

Our Body is a combination of the following Elements.


  • Earth.
  • Sky.
  • Water’
  • Air.
  • Fire.

Planets, Signs, & houses Effect the basic Elements of body Like mentioned above, Earth, Sky, Water, Air, Fire,

Now in the 21st Century with Birth Time rectification up to Hr. Min. Sec. & division of chart into 2193 parts we are in a position to predict that the will have any health issue or he will be fit throughout his/her life.

Medical Astrologer can predict by Medical/Health Astrology In case there is any health issue how much serious it will be & will it curable or not.

So that native can take precautions to keep himself away from the disease beforehand.

Yes now in 21st Century with Unique Horoscope we are in a position to give correct & Precise Prediction about Disease, Health Problem. by Best Medical Astrologer.

To cast Unique Horoscope Some more details are required apart from what we are using till now in Traditional Medical Vedic Astrology.

List of the details required for Unique Horoscope is Given Below.

1.Birth Details of the Native.


  • Date of Birth.
  • Time of Borth.

2.Birth Details Of Blood relations of the native. What Maximum is Available,


  • Parents
  • Elder or Younger Brother & Sister.
  • Children’s

3. Date & Time of anyone past event of life.

Date & Time of Marriage, Joining duty, Passing Exam, Etc.


Medical Astrology with The Nakshatra of SSL of 6th house gives us an indication of what are the possible Diseases which can harm the body & its location in Horoscope Chart indicates in which path it is possible.


Unique Horoscope.