Consultation Fee

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Consultation Fee

Consultation Fee for Eye Catching Astrology,

By this time you must be aware that this is a very advanced Vedic astrology and the predictions,

It is done very accurately so the charges are also in two steps.

The first step is  Birth time rectification which is the key to correct and precise prediction,

as you will get predictions when your birth time is correct.

Consultation fee  Final will be given after we receive the Details Required for birth time rectification:

Normal Fee is given below

Fee for Indian & Foreign Friends is given below.

  • Birth Time Rectification  Rs. 500/=
  • Prediction                               Rs. 500/=
  • Total Charges Prediction one Horoscope Rs.1000/=  

Kundli Milan Rs. 200/= only.

Next time consultation Rs. 500/= only.

Consultation Fee For People staying Abroad:

  • Birth Time Rectification 10/= USD
  • Prediction                             10/= USD
  • Total Charges Prediction one Horoscope for People staying Abroad:$20.00 (US Dollar)
  • Kundli Milan for People staying Abroad: $5.00 (US Dollar). (Note BTR of both the Person is a must.).
  • If Money Transfer is by PayPal. Add transfer fee to the amount.

Next time consultation 10/= USD only.

  1. Marriage
  2. Health
  3. Education,
  4. Disease
  5. Study Subject
  6. Profession.
  7. Wealth, Status Etc.


  • (OLD METHOD).This is not just gun Milan i.e. Out of 36 GUNS, results are not Encouraging so it is correct wrong.
  • (NEW METHOD) We don’t predict this way, it a two-step as mentioned below.


  1. Can the two marry?

This is done for compatibility between the two.


  1. Should the two Marry.


  • Detailed analyses of each Individual.
  • This is to predict for
  • Social & Financial status
  • The attitude of a life partner.
  •  The quality of life.

Consultancy on phone:


  • Mob. No:+91 9870340754
  • What’s App:+91 9870340754

Online payment:

Pay Tm No: 9870340754

Bank Details for Payment:


Axis Bank A/C Number: 917010067079652

IFS CODE:  UTIB0000696