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You are UNIQUE In this World. --- Where 4 kids are born every second in this World.

So UNIQUE HOROSCOPE is a must for you to get. --- Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction.

To Cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE we first do. ---Birth Time Rectification is done Exactly to Hr. Min. Sec. & Mili,Sc.

Given Below is Online Astrology Consultation Fee, With the latest & Advance Horoscope.

First you must know about the Horoscope & 1. Batch Horoscope & 2. Unique Horoscope:

Batch Horoscope: Old Method of casting Horoscope.

Where we use 1. DOB, 2. TOB (Approximate) 3. POB (City). I would like to discuss about Consultation fee of Astrologers very Expensive. Normally when we go to a Astrologer The Astrologer gives Prediction with some confusing, Misleading & Scary terms or words which are scary & compel you to take some Astrological Remedies which is an Additional cost which you pay unwillingly or say under completion. This is a Expensive Method & One should not rely on this method. That is the reason they give free astrology consultation on WhatsApp, best astrologer online free, free online astrology consultation for career, on Phone Free, chat with astrologer online free. Now this Free Offer Becomes very Expensive.

Unique Horoscope: Latest & Advance Method of casting Horoscope.

Today in this 21st Century 4 Kids (Four Kids) are born every second in this world & One kid in India & Horoscope which Astrologer’s cast is for a Batch of people who are born During that period. Where as for correct Astrological Prediction you need a Unique Horoscope for every person which should not resemble with any other Horoscope in this world. Unique Horoscope is the True Horoscope & Consultation Fee is fairly Good for online astrology consultation, Without any confusing & Misleading Terms & statements. With prediction I will guide you What to do & what to avoid.

Watch Video To know more Just click on UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

Know about how we cast UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

The first step is  Birth time rectification which is the key to correct and precise prediction,

as you will get predictions when your birth time is correct.

Consultation fee  Final will be given after we receive the Details Required for birth time rectification:

Normal Fee for Online Astrology Consultation is given below

Online Astrology Consultation Fee Indian.

  • Birth Time Rectification  Rs. 500/=
  • Prediction                               Rs. 500/=

Total Charges Prediction one Horoscope Rs.1000/=  (First time.)

Next time On Line consultation Rs. 500/= only.

Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching Fee.

Kundli Milan Rs. 200/= only. (Unique Horoscope of both parties is required)

Online Astrology Consultation Fee For People staying Abroad:

  • Birth Time Rectification 10/= USD
  • Prediction                             10/= USD

Total Charges Prediction one Horoscope for People staying Abroad:$20.00 (US Dollar)

Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching Before marriage Fee for People staying Abroad.

Kundli Milan for People staying Abroad: $5.00 (US Dollar). (Note BTR of both the Person is a must.).

If Money Transfer Bank transfer Also Add transfer fee to the amount.

Next time consultation Fee is  10/= USD only. ((Unique Horoscope of both parties is required)

Online Astrology consultation

  1. Marriage
  2. Health
  3. Education,
  4. Disease
  5. Study Subject
  6. Profession.
  7. Wealth, Status & Satisfaction Etc.
  8. Kundli Milan or Horoscope matching Before Marriage. Etc.
  • (OLD METHOD).This is not just gun Milan i.e. Out of 36 GUNS, results are not Encouraging so it is correct wrong.
  • (NEW METHOD) We don’t predict this way, it a two-step as mentioned below.

Know Present Gun Milan & Advance Unique Horoscope about Kundli Milan / Horoscope Matching.

  1. Physical Compatibility.
  2. Mental Compatibility.
  3. Can the two marry? This is done for compatibility between the two.
  4. Should the two Marry.
  • Detailed analyses of each Individual.
  • This is to predict for
  • Social & Financial status
  • The attitude of a life partner.
  •  The quality of life.

Online Astrology Consultation / Consultancy on phone CONTACT Numbers:


  • Mob. No:+91 9870340754
  • What’s App:+91 9870340754

Online payment Details:

Pay Tm No: 9870340754

Bank Details for Payment:


Axis Bank A/C Number: 917010067079652

IFS CODE:  UTIB0000696


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