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Career Astrologer

Career Profession

A right Career Astrologer is who can guide you which profession or Career is Best for the Native.

What a Native  looks for in a Good Career or Profession is given below?

What Prediction or Guidance will be given by Best Career Astrologer.

Prediction and Guidance about Career also consider Mental Inclination & Standard of Education.

First Thing

The First Thing is that he/she should earn Money with dignity.

Second Thing

Native should be recognized in the Family & friend circle.

Third Thing

Native Should get Satisfaction & Growth in his Career.

Fourth Thing

Native gets standing for his future & Maximum what is mentioned above.

Guidance or Prediction By Career Astrologer should be with any confusing, Misleading and Scary terms which compel the Native to Do Astrological remedies, Which are expensive , Time Consuming & on the above these Astrological remedies have no significant Improvement and effect on the event.

Now to get this type of Correct and precise Astrological Prediction By Career Astrologer are Only Possible with the correct  Horoscope which is Unique Horoscope.

Unique Horoscope is the Latest, Improved and Advanced Vedic Astrology. As this Unique Horoscope doesn’t resemble any other Horoscope in this world.

Batch Horoscope:

Whereas the Horoscope or I call it Batch Horoscope which we cast with 

Date Of Birth, Time of Birth approximate and Place of Birth as City can be a horoscope of some more people which are born in that area during that time.

Unique Horoscope | True Horoscope.

Birth Time Rectification (Hr. Min. Sec. & millisecond.) Chart division into 2193 Parts Done for correct Astrological Prediction.

Watch the videos Below why Unique Horoscope is Must for correct & Precise Astrological Prediction & Guidance.

Video In English By Career Astrologer, Why Unique Horoscope is Must.

Video in Hindi By Career Astrologer why Unique Horoscope is Must.

Now the question By The Career Astrologer is how we will cast a Unique Horoscope whereas we have only the above Mentioned details.

Now to cast a Unique Horoscope Career Astrologer need some more details to cast a Unique Horoscope, Which are given Below.

First is Native’s Date of Birth, time of birth and Exact location of Place of Birth.

Second is birth Details of Blood Relations. 

Third is Date and time of Past events of life.

Fourth is, If Happened Death Date & time of Parents, grandparents, Sibling, Kids and Spouse.


Details required to cast Unique Horoscope.

Details are explained below also you can also download these Details for you future Record Link of the same is given below. 

With these Extra details we first do Birth time Rectification Exactly to Hour minute Second and millisecond. Also we divide the Horoscope into 2193 parts for More accuracy.

Shreejan Astro Center, here you will get Correct & Precise Astrological Prediction, With your correct Horoscope, which is UNIQUE HOROSCOPE after doing Birth Time Rectification, up to Hr. Min. Sec. & Millisec. Please let us know how we can help you.

Note: Please provide what Maximum is available in the below given details. After getting the Information I will check it. After confirmation from me you can deposit the fee. 

  1.   Native Birth Details (Must Mention Sex.)
  • Name:                                   
  • Date of Birth                         
  • Time of Birth                        
  • Place of Birth     (Exact Location of Birth Place). 
  1.   Birth details: Date, Time & Place of birth  of the blood Relations. (What Maximum Available.)
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Elder Sibling
  • Younger Sibling
  • First Child – Must Mention BOY/GIRL
  • Second Child
  1. Date & Time of Past Event of Life (some are mentioned below)
  • Marriage Time when rituals were performed
  • Passing an Exam
  • Joining a Duty
  • Promotion in Job
  • Long Journey Abroad
  • Left Job
  • Removal from Service
  • Etc. Etc.
  1. Date & Time of Death of any of the following relatives if Happened?
  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Father 
  4. Mother
  5. Spouse
  6. Elder Sibling
  7. Younger Sibling