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Looking for Best Jyotish online, Nitin Kashyap A Retired Mechanical Engineer practicing Vedic astrology since 1997, earlier he was doing as a hobby. Now after retirement he has taken up this as it profession.

Now to give correct and precise astrological prediction he is casting a Unique Horoscope. This is a very advance method of casting horoscope, reason is that 4 kids are born every second in this world.

and you will not find Two people or Two kids Alike.

Every human in this word is Unique & he/she doesn’t resemble with any other Person in this world. So for correct and precise prediction you need a Horoscope which does not resemble with any other horoscope in this world.

Now question is why we need a Unique Horoscope For best Jyotish online.

HOROSCOPE VS UNIQUE HOROSCOPEI will try to explain it with the example:

Let us take a case of two twins born on the same day, Approximate same time & same place. Possibly with the difference of 2 to 5 minutes. Now their horoscope will be same, as we take date of birth approximate time of birth and place of birth to cast a horoscope.

As I have earlier mentioned that four kids are born every second in this world and you will not find two persons or two kids Alike.

Now with the same horoscope Predictions are given for two kids who are different from each other. Now you can very well imagine the quality and preciseness of the prediction.

That is the reason our astrologers in prediction using terms like Mangleek, kaal Sarp Dosh,  Sadh sati etc. etc.

These terms have nothing to do with the prediction and native is compelled to take some preventive measures as Astrological Remedies, Which has no effect on the event for which the predictions are asked for.

Now to give correct and precise Astrological Prediction, we need horoscope which is unique and it is it does not resemble with any other horoscope in this word.

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Unique Horoscope

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