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Best Astrologer online for online astrology prediction, who Casts Your Unique Horoscope Which is

must for Correct & Precise Prediction.

Why Unique Horoscope is must I will try to Explain with an Example.

Two Kids were born on Same day, Same time & Same place, From two Different Mothers.

Horoscope of these kids will be same because their Date, Time & Place is same.

Now I am asking you a Question, will these kids be same or resemble with each other.

Reply to it is BIG NO. These kids different rom each other.

Now you can very well imagine the Quality & Preciseness of the prediction with this Horoscope.

We need a Horoscope which is Unique for every Kid & For every person.

Now we will Discuss about the Details Required
to Cast this Unique Horoscope.

Best Astrologer Online have already mentioned that some more Details are required

to cast this Unique Horoscope.

Given below are the Details required.

Birth Details of the Native.

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth.
  3. Place of Birth. ( Exact Location of place of Birth.)

Birth Details of the Blood Relations of the Native.

Birth Details Maximum Number of Blood Relation Given below are required.

  • Mother.
  • Father.
  • Elder Brother/Sister.
  • Younger Brother/Sister.
  • First Child Male/Female is also required.
  • Second Child.

Provide what Maximum which is available.

Note: Please in case of any Issue on Blood Relation Birth Details please contact me.

Date & Approximate Time of any of the Following
Past Events of Life is required.

  • Marriage Date & time when rituals were performed.
  • Passing An Exam.
  • Joining a Duty.
  • Going Abroad.
  • Promotion.
  • Date & time of Marriage of Parents when rituals were performed.

Best Astrologer Online can give you guidance if you have any query.

Note: In case if have any problem please contact me.

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