Best Astrologer in India

We are running in the 21st Century & looking for a Beat Astrologer in India, Indian Astrologer or say Best astrologers in India who are using Indian Best Astrology.

A lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back.

Best Astrologer who Pactise Best Astrology Which can give Correct & Precise Prediction without Giving any Remedies (Uppays) in the prediction. As some of us have some doubts about Remedies Suggested by Our Dear Astrologers.

Now I will ask you a Question.

  1. Are Twins Alike or they are different from each other?

2. Two Kids Born From Two Mothers on the Same Day, Same Time & Same place,

Are they same or different from each other?

Every person will say, That these kids don’t resemble with each other & they are different from each other.

Now in Present Astrology as their Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth is same Obviously their Horoscope will be the same.

Imagine the quality & Preciseness of the Prediction, where the Horoscope is the same & the Kids are different from each other.

Now we all know the population is growing at a phase of 4 kids Every Second in this world & also from the above example we can say that every person is Unique &/or he/she doesn’t resemble with any other person in this world.

So need of the Hour is Unique Horoscope for every person, By Indian Best Astrology.

Now to cast this Unique Horoscope we need some more details from the Native which will help us to cast Unique Horoscope.

Details required to cast Unique Horoscope are given below.

Birth details of Native:

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Time of Birth.
  3. Place of Birth. (We need the Exact Location of Place of Birth of the Native.)

Birth details of Some of the Blood Relations of the Native.

  1. Parents
  2. Elder or younger Brother & Sisters.
  3. Kids.

The third thing is Date & time of one past event of the life of the Native,

  • Marriage
  • Date & time of joining Duty on a New Job.
  • Promotion
  • Interview Pass or fail
  • In the cast of New Born Date & Time of Marriage of the Parents
  • Etc.

with these above-mentioned details first, we do Birth Time rectification Exactly to Hr. min. Sec. When the kid took his/her first breath in this Universe.

Then Unique Horoscope where for accuracy we Divide the Chart into 9/12/12/27/249/2193 Parts.

This is used By Best Astrologers in Indian.

Wher as Earlier methods Chart was divided into Max 9/12/12/27/249 parts.

This division of the chart gives more accuracy to prediction, With accurate Results, this is becoming the best choice of the people who so ever has got prediction through this method.